THE BOBBERS - CARL YOST - drums & vocal, RICHARD RYDSTRAND - bass & vocal, MICHAEL HELLAND - guitar & vocal

THE BOBBERS - Fish 'N Music Band  are a unique, original band. We are pioneering this special niche in the music industry.

Once you give us a listen, you'll caught --- Hook, Line, and Sinker!

All of our songs are written around and about the subject of FISHING. That's why we call our unique brand of music - Fish 'N Music.

As Washington state's Premier Fish 'N Music Band, THE BOBBERS have been reeling in audiences from all over with our fish-tastic music, antics, and comedy show.

When asked "What other bands do you sound like?" We answer, "Take ZZ Top, The Blues Brothers, The Black Keys, Jack Black, Taj Mahal, Primus, P-Funk, Bill Dance, Frank Zappa, and a couple of goldfish, put them in a blender on high; you will come out with THE BOBBERS blend of Fish 'N Music.

Our songs are as unique as the fish we write about.